Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP
Chartered Accountants

As one of the leading independent firms of Chartered Accountants in Scotland we pride ourselves on providing all of our clients with an exceptional level of service through our extensive knowledge base, our progressive approach and our innovative thinking.  We also assure you of personal service delivered by a team committed to you and your business with access to a partner, as you need it.

In addition to the considerable expertise that exists within AAB, we have access to invaluable national and international resources.

AAB is a member of HCWA, an association of independent accountancy practices throughout the UK.  HCWA is a business alliance member of Crowe Horwath International which is ranked among the top 10 global accounting networks.

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Tracs International

13-12-2012 Hits:4361 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Prior to the disposal process, AAB were strongly involved with TRACS International shareholders to formulate their five year strategic plan...

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David Ferrin

03-09-2014 Hits:2040 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"My experiences with other accounting firms led me to AAB. While resident in the UK, and representing my own limited...

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JD Neuhaus

13-07-2015 Hits:909 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"A2B have helped a lot over the last 6 months with us getting our accounts on track and helping our...

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Global Renewables Shipbrokers

05-08-2015 Hits:854 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"As a German based company, we required in depth consultancy for UK regulations. AAB provide us with the same and...

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02-10-2015 Hits:639 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"The IES team at AAB responded to our questions in a timely manner and provided accurate answers that enabled us to...

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Aberdeen Performing Arts

11-04-2014 Hits:2771 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

We engaged AAB at a time of significant change and financial management challenges. They provided a first class service with...

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George Sim

21-01-2014 Hits:3019 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"I was really impressed with the knowledge displayed by the AAB team on the inheritance tax and trusts . They were...

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Thorpe Molloy Limited

25-02-2013 Hits:3865 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Anderson Anderson and Brown LLP have been our accountants for the past 15 years and during this time their advice...

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Forbes Homes Limited

26-07-2013 Hits:3448 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Anderson, Anderson & Brown have proved to be a real asset since taking on the Group’s connection in 2006. Over...

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Melanie McEvoy

06-08-2013 Hits:3354 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

“AAB recently helped my husband and I with appeals to both HMRC and the Norwegian tax authorities. They constantly kept...

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13-12-2012 Hits:4438 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

" ...AAB staff are very helpful, respond quickly when have issues...extranet is a good way of communicating, easy to use...payroll is...

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30-07-2014 Hits:2127 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"I was faced with both the scary and depressing realisation that most of my hard won earnings in previous tax...

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Marathon Oil

11-10-2013 Hits:3100 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"We found AAB's VAT training relevant to our needs. Their use of real examples made the sessions more meaningful to...

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K & L Ross

26-03-2013 Hits:3954 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Over the last 7 years I have used AAB for audit and accountancy services, corporate tax compliance and planning, corporate...

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John Lawrie Group

26-03-2013 Hits:5160 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"The secondment support provided by accounting and MIS staff from AAB helped us streamline our accounting processes and enable us...

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Steve Bonsor

07-07-2015 Hits:1010 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Different Class! I became a client of AAB approximately a year ago upon the retirement of the accountant who had looked...

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26-03-2013 Hits:3978 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Six years ago in preparation for their retirement, the 2 shareholders of Filpumps Limited approached Mike Brown of AAB regarding...

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Raeburn Recruitment

26-07-2013 Hits:3732 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"I asked AAB’s International tax team for high level advice on the likely tax exposures for a tender we were...

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Stanley & Evelyn Morrice

29-03-2013 Hits:3849 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"We have an excellent relationship with AAB formed over 7+ years. Their accounts and tax compliance services are thorough and...

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Superior-Wild Well Energy Services Limited & Prospect Flow Solutions Limited

26-07-2013 Hits:3613 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Our relationship with Gary Johnstone and his Payroll Solutions staff at A2+B has benefitted me and my company beyond expectation....

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Andrews Survey Limited

13-12-2012 Hits:4224 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"We were delighted with the corporate finance advice provided by AAB, who were instrumental in negotiating a 50% price increase...

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Red Spider

13-12-2012 Hits:4364 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"We are an international company with our head office in Aberdeen.  We specialize in remote open close technology for the...

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Andrew Cowie Construction Limited

13-12-2012 Hits:5108 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB undertook a restructuring exercise creating a group structure with a bias on tax planning, key employee retention and asset...

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21-05-2013 Hits:3611 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"As a company we routinely are called to tender for projects in what are 'frontier' regions for us, often with...

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Hallin Marine

08-08-2014 Hits:2100 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB have been providing payroll services to Hallin Marine for just over one year. They provide a simple, fast and...

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Reed Hycalog

13-12-2012 Hits:3581 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"...I still remember the relief when we engaged with AAB ...for the first time in a long time I was able...

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02-12-2015 Hits:395 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

“AAB was first brought to my attention by an Oil & Gas Industry friend who was pleased with their management...

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Dark Matter

02-09-2015 Hits:749 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

“Dark Matter is the only rum distillery in Scotland. From initial concept in 2011 and small beginnings in 2015, the...

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University of Aberdeen

13-12-2012 Hits:3985 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP, who have been undertaking audit work for the University for many years, have been very...

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A.R. Mathers & Sons

31-03-2014 Hits:2518 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB have been our accountants for many years. Having AAB as our business advisors gives us peace of mind knowing...

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Charitable Institution

26-07-2013 Hits:5380 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"I instructed AAB to investigate a fraud which had occurred at a remote subsidiary of my institution. They acted promptly and with...

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KazMunaiGas Exploration Production JSC

13-07-2015 Hits:896 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB have supported us in the UK since early 2012 by providing outsourced accounting services including monthly accounts and reports,...

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James Jack Lifting Services

13-12-2012 Hits:4684 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"The corporate finance team at AAB did an absolutely superb job for us.  The level of professionalism by the AAB...

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Keith Fletcher

09-02-2015 Hits:1576 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB's IHT, Trusts and Estates team looked after the tax aspects of our family trust and when the time came...

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Mackie Ramsay Taylor

02-12-2013 Hits:3001 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB provide invaluable support and assistance, working closely with us to understand our business needs. They deliver a range of...

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Roy Cowie LBS Limited

29-03-2013 Hits:3635 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Anderson Anderson and Brown have provided an invaluable service to my company over the years with fantastic taxation advice, financial...

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Scientific Drilling International

11-10-2013 Hits:3370 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"I would like to thank the AAB tax team for providing continuous support to Scientific Drilling Controls Limited over the...

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Proserv UK Limited

28-01-2013 Hits:4494 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"We recently engaged A2+B for our group payrolls, covering 4 separate companies. The implementation project from start to finish has...

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Scotia Instrumentation Limited

17-01-2013 Hits:4201 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Anderson Anderson & Brown...was incredibly helpful in encouraging us to collate the appropriate information in order that we could submit...

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Milmor Properties Ltd

16-12-2015 Hits:303 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

“There are huge benefits to using this multi-disciplinary firm. When advising on a company matter, the corporate tax team skilfully...

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Uniconn Limited

26-07-2013 Hits:3288 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"We have confidence to approach Anderson Anderson and Brown on any accounting, tax or owner managed business issue, with this...

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23-01-2013 Hits:4369 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB are providing us with advice regarding our overseas employee assignments to Norway. In addition to providing us with guidance...

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S&D Fabricators Ltd

07-07-2014 Hits:2286 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Right from the first meeting with the purchasers Gordon Steele and his team took control, they project managed every aspect...

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Mental Health Aberdeen

13-12-2012 Hits:4147 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"As a local charity – of small size – but with the same charitable obligations to be answerable to our...

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Fifth Business

02-05-2013 Hits:3677 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"We have dealt with AAB for a number of years and in that time they have given us targeted specific...

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CHAP (Holdings) Limited

14-01-2013 Hits:4194 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"The thing that I value most about working with  Anderson Anderson & Brown is the quality and depth of the...

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UTEC Survey Construction Services Limited

26-07-2013 Hits:3504 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB have provided UTEC with a number of contract specific international tax reports over the past few months, covering various...

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Nor Sea Foods Ltd International Fish Canners

13-12-2012 Hits:4240 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Anderson Anderson & Brown have been our auditors and corporate tax advisors for over 3 years now and we have...

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Viking SeaTech Group

13-12-2012 Hits:4423 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Following a complex financial restructuring and refinancing, AAB were instrumental in providing extremely competent and cost effective support in a...

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READ Cased Hole Ltd

08-08-2014 Hits:2176 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"READ Cased Hole Ltd contract Anderson Anderson & Brown to process our North Sea payroll due to their expertise in...

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Maureen Thayagarajan, Nalco Champion, an Ecolab company

13-12-2012 Hits:4495 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"We  decided to move our payroll processing to AAB in 2010 shortly after they introduced this new service to their...

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26-11-2015 Hits:392 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

“Helen, Kevin and the team at AAB are clear experts in their field and are a trusted partner to our...

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James Thom

02-02-2015 Hits:1737 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"When I decided to embark on Inheritance Tax planning, I immediately approached AAB who have looked after my tax affairs...

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Maritime Developments Limited

13-12-2012 Hits:4346 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Commercially driven tax and financial advice provided by people who understand my business and who care about its success...dedicated partner...

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The Broomhill Nursery

25-02-2013 Hits:3787 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB has provided invaluable support and assistance to The Broomhill Nursery in recent years. In particular, AAB has dealt efficiently...

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Jetex Petroleum UK Ltd

13-07-2015 Hits:907 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Jetex has been delighted to work with the staff at Anderson & Brown LLP who handle all of Jetex's outsourced...

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P Quip Limited

13-12-2012 Hits:4247 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Prior to agreeing Heads of Terms with Forum Energy Technologies, AAB were heavily involved in assisting us negotiate the commercial...

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14-02-2013 Hits:3887 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

    “I took over as Chief Executive in April 2015 and had previously worked within organisations that have their own, in-house...

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Joanna Robertson

28-02-2014 Hits:2749 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"I have been very much looked after by the Private Client team for a number of years now. Managed by...

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11-12-2013 Hits:2945 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB have now provided two 'International Tax Awareness' workshops for those of our staff, of various disciplines, involved in the...

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The Commercial Law Practice

11-12-2013 Hits:2944 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"At CLP we've worked with AAB since setting up the business during which time we've benefitted from their expertise across...

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16-11-2015 Hits:427 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"With a significant internationally mobile workforce we are faced with the challenge of tracking employees’ movements whilst achieving global tax...

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Aberdeen Funeral Directors

21-10-2013 Hits:3490 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB has been our accountants and tax advisors for over 15 years. During this time AAB has grown significantly but...

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Peterson SBS

26-07-2013 Hits:3406 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB provided a professional services that focussed on the key financial risks of 80:20 Procurement Services. When issues were identified...

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26-02-2013 Hits:3968 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Thought the presentation was delivered very well. Excellent in breaking down the key points into an easy to understand format." "Very...

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Caledonian Airborne Systems Limited

17-01-2013 Hits:4319 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Caledonian Airborne Systems Limited provides sophisticated electronic systems for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. An essential part of the company's...

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Cutting Underwater Technologies Ltd

06-05-2015 Hits:1177 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"I have found A2 + B LLP Integrated Employment Solutions to be first class in providing Payroll and Payroll support....

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02-12-2015 Hits:364 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

“Gordon Steele and the AAB Corporate Finance team provided support and advice during The Harbro Group’s acquisition of RH Miller...

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26-07-2013 Hits:3453 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Working with AAB has been crucial to the success of opening our first office in the UK.  The management and...

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Ted Reay CNR International (UK) Limited

06-08-2013 Hits:3305 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"They're on your side......A2B stepped in after HMRC continuously got it wrong, and got all connected fees refunded from HMRC....

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05-05-2015 Hits:1226 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Lynn and the team have been excellent at assisting with my UK tax affairs since returning from work overseas. They...

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Energy People AS

13-12-2012 Hits:4386 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB keep us right regarding the confusing social security regulations and paperwork for cross-border workers. We would happily recommend AAB...

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Oil & Gas Service Company

14-02-2013 Hits:4090 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"We engaged AAB when we discovered some financial irregularities within our company. The investigation was quick, discreet and thorough. Their knowledge...

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13-12-2012 Hits:4635 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"As a growing organisation, we felt it was important that our business partners were able to cover a variety of...

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Scientific Drilling International Limited

02-12-2013 Hits:2857 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"I would have no hesitation in recommending AAB's audit team. The whole team demonstrate a positive attitude, ask sensible questions...

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StimWell Services

02-10-2013 Hits:3598 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"We moved from in house payroll processing to A2B in 2013 and, I'm pleased to say, the transition was as...

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EPC Offshore

02-12-2015 Hits:372 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

“The Corporate Finance team at AAB understood our business and led us towards concluding a tremendous deal. The team at...

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Peter Lazzari

19-03-2013 Hits:3706 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB have proactively managed my tax affairs for more than a decade. Their expertise connected to overall tax exposure on...

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Dales Engineering Services Limited

13-12-2012 Hits:4615 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"...good continuity of staff who know the business...timing and delivery good...they deliver on time, every time...they respond promptly to my queries...

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RS Occupational Health

13-06-2014 Hits:2347 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Brian McMurray, along with Michael Edwards were part of our team of advisers during the acquisition of our company earlier...

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Scotia Instrumentation

11-04-2013 Hits:4137 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Routine monthly processing has been faultless and my dealings with the Payroll Team over the year end have been excellent.....A...

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Apache Corporation

13-12-2012 Hits:4572 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

We have recently partnered with AAB to run our payroll and provide our expat tax work. We had already built...

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Online Electronics Limited

17-01-2013 Hits:4375 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Research and Development is the lifeblood of and platform for success at our company. Innovation attracts new business, attracts multi-national...

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Robert Duthie and Sons Ltd

12-08-2014 Hits:2278 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Members of my family company, Robert Duthie and Sons Ltd, realised we had major problems with Inheritance Tax and succession...

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17-02-2014 Hits:2882 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB have worked closely with us from the beginning of StormGeo Ltd over five years ago. We have found them...

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Prodrill Energy Resource Solutions VAT

23-01-2013 Hits:4136 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"The AAB VAT team are very up-to-date and knowledgeable regarding the VAT implications relating to our business and the Oil...

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Ocean Installer Group

03-04-2014 Hits:2629 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB have provided Ocean Installer with direct and indirect tax advice in connection with contracts we were tendering for in...

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Maxoil Process Solutions

13-12-2012 Hits:4311 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"We have confidence in being able to approach AAB on any accounting, tax or business related matters as we know...

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Petroleum Pipe Group

13-12-2012 Hits:4435 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB  have provided a comprehensive auditing, taxation and advisory service to Petroleum Pipe Group for 5 years. Their partners and...

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Aberdeen Foyer

13-12-2012 Hits:4374 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Aberdeen Foyer have worked with Anderson Anderson & Brown since 2004.   Initially, AAB were involved in our year end reporting...

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13-12-2012 Hits:4608 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"I have confidence in AAB carrying out a robust audit process. As part of the annual audit they recommended areas...

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Alex Wiseman

22-01-2013 Hits:4123 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"My relationship with AAB has grown as the business has grown over several years and more recently it became apparent...

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11-04-2013 Hits:3626 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"The Private Client Tax Department at Anderson Anderson & Brown quickly understood my tax position surrounding company stock options and...

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13-12-2012 Hits:5192 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB's payroll service from initial service offering, through transition to regular operations has been efficient and professional. Considerable effort was...

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17-12-2012 Hits:4397 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Professional firms face some unique challenges, be it the management of the people or the firm itself, but many of...

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McIntosh Plant Hire

11-10-2013 Hits:3164 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"AAB have acted as tax advisers to our family and businesses for over 23 years and as a result have...

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Nalco Champion, an Ecolab company

26-03-2013 Hits:4205 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"I want to thank you, Andrew and your team for providing continuing support to us.  You and your team are...

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Hunting Energy Services (International) Limited

08-12-2014 Hits:1685 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"A2+B were recommended to Hunting by a number of sources and contacts when Hunting were looking for a payroll provider....

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Malthus UK Limited

14-03-2013 Hits:3888 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"Malthus is an international company, headquartered in Norway, providing and operating large scale accommodation camps to oil & gas sector...

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Jon Murphy

26-04-2013 Hits:3740 Client Testimonials Sarah Munro

"The same Private Client individuals have looked after my personal tax affairs for over 8 years, and in that time...

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