Our Success Stories

At AABi we are proud of the activities which we undertake and the activities we get involved with to help good causes and worthy initiatives within our community. The team at AAB are encouraged to use their time and skills to support various projects which span across the key areas of education, health & wellbeing, community & volunteering, fundraising and the environment. You can learn about some of our activities by clicking on the stories below.

Hazelhead Primary School

Hazelhead Primary School
  • “Many thanks to AAB for organising this and helping the children learn more about accounts and business in general.”

Hazlehead Parkrun

Hazlehead Parkrun
  • “We were delighted to be awarded funding from Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative in order to purchase an automated external defibrillator.”

Shazam Theatre Company

Shazam Theatre Company
  • “Shazam Theatre Company SCIO is so excited to be performing "Peter Pan" at Tivoli Theatre in June.”

Alba Guijarro Belmar, Spinal Research Scientist at University of Aberdeen

Alba Guijarro Belmar, Spinal Research Scientist at University of Aberdeen
  • “We were extremely pleased to welcome AABi to our research lab at University of Aberdeen, to show them just how their generous donation was helping us find effective treatments for paralysis caused spinal cord injury.”

Stonehaven RNLI

Stonehaven RNLI
  • “Thank you for your generous donation to RNLI Stonehaven. The RNLI relies on donations to carry out its valuable lifesaving work round the coast of the UK and Ireland.”

Banchory Community Football Club

Banchory Community Football Club
  • “Banchory Community Football Club are very grateful to AABi for funding training tops for our 2006 and 2009 teams.”


  • “We were pleased to welcome Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative (AABi) to our Cornerstone Connects Boccia club after their very generous donation of £2832."

Friends of ANCHOR

Friends of ANCHOR
  • “Thank you so much for loaning Rachel Cairns to us today. She was a huge help to the fundraising team in the lead up to our big event this weekend."

Northfield Lodge

Northfield Lodge
  • “The residents at Northfield Lodge have really enjoyed having the AAB Volunteers visit over the past few weeks."

Easter Anguston Farm

Easter Anguston Farm
  • “The volunteers were very helpful, willing and were able to get on well with any task, the feedback from the rest of the staff at the farm was very positive.”

Richmondhill House

Richmondhill House
  • "The projects from start to finish were well organised and planned so that the work was undertaken in partnership with the service staff and service users."

Linn Moor Residential School

Linn Moor Residential School
  • "Both groups of gardeners did an amazing job.  The small group cleared a very rough patch of land just as you enter the school grounds."

Scottish SPCA

Scottish SPCA
  • "At SSPCA we truly appreciate the help of volunteers as there are often lots of tasks and maintenance work required and when this is being looked after by volunteers, it frees up our staff to progress with the health checking, assessing and rehab work with animals in our care."

Connor Taylor, University Student, Aberdeen

Connor Taylor, University Student, Aberdeen
  • “I cannot thank you enough for helping me become more independent as I transition into university."
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  • Connor
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