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AAB Plus Factor

At AAB our business is focused on providing the services that you need, when you need them, to help you grow and improve your business. It's not about us - it's about you. You'll receive a personalised service geared to your business and delivered by a team of professionals seeking to add value. It's what we call the 'Plus factor':-



We'll help you make money by…

  • delivering genuine business advice, that looks beyond your numbers
  • maximising your business performance
  • minimising your tax liabilities and reducing your costs
  • delivering this project in line with your wider business aspirations

We'll save you time by…

  • enabling you and your team to focus on 'the day job'
  • talking to the right people within your team
  • establishing what you need, and giving it to you when you need it
  • adapting our approach to your way of doing things
  • providing you with succinct and direct guidance

We'll give you peace of mind by…

  • doing the tricky stuff, so you don't have to worry about it
  • agreeing deadlines that you can be confident we will stick to
  • protecting your personal and business interests
  • taking care of your regulatory & compliance obligations
  • you knowing we've done this right before

We'll support you now and in the future by…

  • working with you to build a bigger, more efficient, more profitable business
  • releasing your time and energy to focus on what's right for you
  • helping you through the challenges of change and business growth
  • providing national and international connections when you need them

Client Testimonials

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Stephen Bonsor (AAB Wealth)

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RS Occupational Health

"Brian McMurray, along with Michael Edwards were part of our team of advisers during the...

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Ted Reay CNR International (UK) Limited

"They're on your side......A2B stepped in after HMRC continuously got it wrong, and got all...

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Gulf Offshore North Sea

"AAB are providing us with advice regarding our global employment arrangements. In addition to providing...

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Hallin Marine

"AAB have been providing payroll services to Hallin Marine for just over one year. They...

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