VSA - John Booth

"As a large, complex and diverse charitable organisation we have engaged the services of AAB over a number of years. The reason why we have such a long standing working relationship with AAB is because from the very outset they made a conscious effort to really understand our business. The depth of expertise and services they have on offer reassures us that they will always be able to provide VSA with timely, effective and personalised solutions that meet our specific needs. We have always found AAB to be highly professional, competent, skilled and knowledgeable in all the areas within which we have utilised their support.

As the North East’s largest social care charity we have found the support, expertise and knowledge on offer from the Charity Services Division of AAB to be extremely helpful to enable us to meet our regulatory and compliance obligations. AAB recently delivered two excellent governance workshops for our Trustees and I would definitely recommend this for other charitable organisations.

AAB provides VSA with that additional support that is personalised to meet our needs and enables and supports VSA to focus on the delivery of its charitable purposes in terms of providing the best of care and support to vulnerable people across the North East of Scotland."

John Booth, Deputy Chief Executive, VSA