Mental Health Aberdeen

"As a local charity – of small size – but with the same charitable obligations to be answerable to our commissioners, funders, donors and sponsors as any other charity, the Board of Mental Health Aberdeen identified the need of a financial restructure to increase our ability to be as responsive and responsible as possible with our financial / monitoring & accounts practices.

Over the past 18 months, AAB have helped us with a major reconfiguration of our accounting practices and have trained key members of staff to acquire new skills linked to our annual accounts and company reports.  This was particularly helpful as some
fundamental areas, for example: investment accounting / depreciation / accruals & prepayments / control accounts etc. were requiring an update.   Furthermore we were able to identify specific training needs in our finance team, many of which were brought up-to-date with assistance from AAB staff.

What was particularly helpful was the fact that we received training from AAB in areas where we most needed it, tailor-made to fit exactly the section we had identified to show ongoing difficulties/shortcomings.

The manner in which the training was administered also meant that staff received 'training on the job' and did not require to be released for, e.g. set training modules, some of which would be likely to cover areas that were already familiar to them and at the same time might not afford sufficient attention to those parts that our staff most needed.

Ultimately, the overall aim was to save money at this stage of our annual accounts/audit and to become more proficient in presenting our accounts for external audit.  With AAB's professional help we have truly started on the course and the final goal is in sight!

Thank you for making this whole procedure so much easier for us!"

Astrid Whyte, MHA