Business Support

Business Support Services Overview

AAB is much more than your traditional accountancy practice and is truly an all round business advisor. Our support services can provide all the help and assistance that any business should require, and this is what gives our clients the comfort that if they have a problem, or just need some professional guidance, then we have all the skills required in-house.

Integrated Employment Solutions

Integrated Employment Solutions (IES) is a unique service offering that is focused fully on clients' employment related requirements. The team brings together the perfect blend of experienced professionals from a range of disciplines including payroll, HR, accountancy, tax and management information solutions.

The IES service range can be utilised fully or individually, delivering a bespoke service to every client.


Our consulting team provides advice and support for business direction, long term objectives and initiatives and guides management through development, growth and change phases in the business life cycle.

Our multifunctional approach delivers across a matrix of skills and industry and sector expertise. We offer a powerful combination in management expertise and knowledge across finance, people and leadership, tax, business systems and processes and corporate governance.

Restructuring & Recovery

Our Restructuring & Recovery (R2) team seeks to assist directors of SMEs facing financial difficulties. That support can come in various fashions depending on the severity of the issues faced and so could be anywhere between advisory work on cashflows to formal insolvency appointments and anything in between.


Our in-house experts deliver a variety of practical training courses, suitable to all industries, across the disciplines of finance, tax, anti-bribery and charity.

Global Mobility

AAB’s Global Mobility offering assists businesses who have employees operating in different locations around the globe to overcome complex corporate and individual tax / social security issues in a cost effective and efficient way.

Payroll Services

We offer a high quality, fully flexible payroll service which is second to none. We utilise technology and are focused on delivering the optimal payroll service based on client specific support requirements.

Our payroll specialists form part of our unique Integrated Employment Solutions (IES) team and the diverse range of skills and experience that exists within the team enables us to support any organisations payroll requirements whether that be locally, nationally or internationally.

Management Information Solutions

Information is the key to running any business successfully - whether it is financial, operational or organisational. It is essential that the management information you use to run your business is effective and our direct involvement can help you achieve this. We can:

  • Identify key management information and indicators
  • Improve business processes
  • Implement new software solutions if appropriate
  • Automate/integrate existing systems
  • Train staff and assist with roll out
  • Design and deliver enhanced reporting aligned with your needs
  • Provide ongoing support

Fraud Prevention and Investigation

There are no rewards for admitting that fraud is a problem, but the rewards for tackling it effectively could be huge. All organisations are vulnerable to fraud and financial misconduct, but the good news is that we can assist you with the effectiveness of your controls and procedures to lessen these considerable risks AND where an instance of wrongdoing has occurred, we can fully investigate the matter.

How we can help:

  • Assist with the prevention and detection of fraud through our unique internal control reviews
  • Investigate fraud with a view to asset identification and recovery
  • Provide factual and expert reports for civil/criminal proceedings & negotiated settlements
  • Liaise with law enforcement and prosecution authorities on behalf of the client
  • Assist in the design and implementation of remedial controls to mitigate risk of recurrence

Secondment & Project Support

A further service area offered by AAB, is that of providing people or teams covering all levels and disciplines according to your particular needs.

Services Outline:

•   Long and short term staff secondments
•   Rapid response support
•   Cross-functional teams
•   Project resources

Benefits to your Business:

•   Access to quality accounting & tax staff
•   Availability of specific expertise that you require
•   Augment your in-house team's skills
•   Flexibility & continuity of quality support
•   Integrated multi-disciplined service delivery
•   Right resource at the right time at the right price